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Welcome to the website of the La Porte Catholic Church

Like our parishes, our website is undergoing changes as our three parishes come to share one Pastor and grow together in collaboration. I will be working on merging content from the three websites and melding them together. Your patience while this takes place will be most appriciated.
Peace and Blessings, Fr. Ian

 Kroger Rewards

Support our Food Pantry! The Kroger Community Rewards program provides non-profit organizations with a rebate for Kroger shoppers who use their rewards card. See the link for details or contact Karen Burns if you need assistance, 362-7990, email:

La Porte Catholic Mass Schedule

Sunday and Vigil Masses
Saturday 4:00 pm Sacred Heart 
 5:30 pm St. Peter
 6:00 pm St. Joseph (Spanish)

Sunday    6:45 am St. Joseph
 8:00 am St. Peter
 9:00 am St. Joseph
10:30 am Sacred Heart
11:00 am St. Joseph (Spanish)

Daily Masses
Monday 8:00 am St. Peter
Tuesday 8:00 am Sacred Heart
12:15 pm St. Joseph
Wednesday 8:00 am Sacred Heart
Thursday 8:00 am Sacred Heart (Communion Service)
  12:15 pm St. Joseph
Friday 8:00 am St. Peter
   8:00 am La Porte Hospital Chapel
Saturday 8:30 am St. Joseph

Monday and Friday – ½ hour before Mass at St. Peter
Saturday morning – ½ hour before and following Mass at St. Joseph
Saturday Evening – Sacred Heart 2:45 – 3:30 pm (English)
St. Joseph 4:45 – 5:40 pm (English and Spanish)
*** or by appointment***

News and Events:


St. Joseph

    Masses:  Vigil Saturday 6:00 pm (Espanol)

    Sunday:  6:45 am 9:00 am (English)  11:00 am (Espanol)

Phone:  326-9595


St. Peter

     Masses:  Vigil Saturday 5:30 pm
     Sunday 8:00 am 

Office Information
    Phone: 219-362-2509


Sacred Heart

    Masses:  Vigil Saturday 4:00pm   
    Sunday   10:30 am

    Phone:    219-362-2815

At the encouragement of a number of parishioners, I have made available pictures I have taken on different trips and such.
To access themgo to
Hope you enjoy
Fr. Ian


Sacred Heart's Prayer Chain would be honored to pray for you and your needs

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